Main idea: The main idea of this performance is based on the stimulus which is a song of Lucas Graham which is called ” once I was 7 years old”, and the song is about his life. the song goes through a series of different stages in Lucas life which was most important to him. […]

Main idea: The main idea of my performance is to get the message across to audience that my character knows that he is going to die. In doing so I’m going to write a death letter to my mother so she knows that, even though I’m young I will die happy regardless if I’m ready to die […]

Dear Ms Hopkins,          I came across one of your articles in my English lesson. Funny that, because in your piece you talk a lot about England. But you seem to enjoy disrespecting other people who are not fully English. I am black Caribbean and you need to understand that my ancestors have already gone through adversity in […]

In the beginning, there is nothing: then as the game begins thousands and thousands of fans are screaming and shouting, their aggressive chants arguing from one side to the other like waves of crashing sound, growls and insults rattling across the stands to build up confidence for their team and drain away confidence for the opposite team. […]

Dear Ms Birbalsingh,         I am writing to you because I disagree with one of your articles about the London riots and Mark Duggan -‘These Riots Were About Race’  published in 2011.       Firstly, I disagree with the way you start your article “What colour is Mark Duggan?” Don’t get me […]

in this play there is two times zones ,the Trojan war (a Greek myth) and the current Israeli war between Israel and Palestine over Gaza .  the Trojan lived in the city of troy , which is modern day turkey . the trojan war began when Paris , prince of troy , ran away with Helen , wife of king Menelaus+ of Sparta . the Greeks sent a fleet ship with a large army to get her back .The walls around Troy […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway